Zendesk Alternative for Customer Support

zendesk vs intercom for customer support

Here is a short overview of how these tools started, where they stand today, and what they can bring to your business. While there is an abundance of help desk tools available out there, only a few get the fervour when it comes to value for money. Analytics features Intercom has is done through add-ons such as Google Analytics, Statbot, Microsoft Teams, and more. Let’s compare Intercom and Zendesk using the help desk features they have. In this case, we’ll see what their similarities and differences are.

  • The interface appears modern, easier to set up, and your agents can dive right into it.
  • The biggest advantage of a customer service platform is that it helps streamline and organize customer requests at scale.
  • Here’s what you need to know about Zendesk vs. Intercom as customer support and relationship management tools.
  • Each message will have identifiers so that they will be easy to recognize at a glance.
  • Zendesk, on the other hand, gets more expensive as your business grows.
  • Also, it has many features of LiveChat like automatic targeted messages, powerful reporting, chatbot, and team management.

Zendesk also offers detailed reports that can be shared with others and enable team members to collaborate on them simultaneously. You can either track your performance on a pre-built dashboard or customize and build one for yourself. This customized dashboard will help you see metrics that you’d like to focus on regularly. Now that we know a little about both tools, it is time to make an in-depth analysis and identify which one of these will be perfect for your business. Here’s a list of criteria we’ve used to differentiate the two for you.

What is Zendesk?

At the same time, they have responsibilities such as increasing customer satisfaction and representing the brand. Accessing the right tools and resources to manage these responsibilities makes processes more efficient. You don’t worry about being looked at as incompetent, you can help customers resolves issues even when you’re not in the office with AI chatbots. There are also saved responses that provide customers with answers that should resolve their issues. You can also find out your users’ satisfaction with Intercom by collecting feedback. There are also integrations for other project management and collaboration tools just like Zendesk.

zendesk vs intercom for customer support

On this page, we compare two customer service options directly, Zendesk and Intercom, to help in your evaluation of potential customer service solutions. Both of these platforms provide different packages, features, and benefits that may help your team delight your customers and aid in your team’s success. Help Scout has tools to make the process more enjoyable for customers and support teams. It enables channels such as e-mail and live chat to be managed from a single tool from a single center.

Why ProProfs Chat is the Better Alternative to Zendesk & Intercom

So, by now, you can see that according to this article, Zendesk inches past Intercom as the better customer support platform. Zendesk is not far behind Intercom when it comes to email features. There is a simple email integration tool for whatever email provider you regularly use. This gets you unlimited email addresses and email templates in both text form and HTML. There is automatic email archiving and incoming email authentication. Intercom has a full suite of email marketing tools, although they are part of a pricier package.

zendesk vs intercom for customer support

We believe Gorgias used to charge for this feature, but now it is available at no extra cost. The ease of navigating a Gorgias designed FAQ page vs an in-house HTML version is night and day, and companies should see a drop in the number of tickets per order when they implement this feature. Give customers the opportunity to resolve before starting a live chat. Provide 24×7 customer service for all common issues without involving agents.

Zendesk vs Intercom: 2023 Explicit Comparison

One would think that most customer service platforms would be known for great support experiences, but this isn’t always the case. The report refreshes every 60 seconds and provides an overview of your conversation backlog, active teammates, user wait time, and KPIs like SLA miss time, first response time, and CSAT. While Help Scout has had a robust email management solution for some time, old-school Intercom users will be relieved to see the improvements in Intercom’s email handling. As recently as 2019, using Intercom to send an email to someone who wasn’t in your user or leads lists or adding a new person to a conversation was a challenge.

What is the best customer service ticketing system?

  1. Tidio. Tidio is an all-in-one customer service platform for small and growing businesses.
  2. Zendesk Ticketing System.
  3. HubSpot Ticketing System.
  4. Zoho Desk.
  5. Mojo IT Helpdesk.
  6. Freshdesk.
  7. HappyFox Help Desk Ticketing System.
  8. osTicket Free Ticketing System.

Each ticket type has a selection of attributes (similar to Help Scout’s custom fields) that the agent can fill in to provide context. For instance, if your product is a mobile app, you might have a “bug” ticket type with attributes for details like which type of phone your customer is using, iOS or Android. Zendesk’s help center is feature-rich and helps you organize and store knowledge in a central location.

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Unlike platforms like Jetdocs, which gives you unlimited departments in their pro plan, Zoho limits you to 15 departments even on their highest tier. Drift offers a small business plan for $2,500/month which includes custom chatbots, intel, real-time notifications, and conversational landing pages. Freshchat offers a free plan with limited features, as well as paid plans starting at $15/month per user.

Is Zendesk similar to Intercom?

Zendesk is more robust in terms of its ticket management capabilities, it offers more customization options and advanced features like a virtual call center app. On the other hand, Intercom is more focused on conversational customer support, and has more help desk features suited for live chat and messaging.

Design and send out mobile push messages–phone pop-ups containing text and images that prompt customers to take action and redirect to a specific app page when clicked. The Agent Workspace highlights tickets based on the issue and urgency, assigning each one a priority–agents can also tag tickets based on recency, hold-vs-open status, and urgency. Pre-selected assignment rules customize each ticket’s destination, assigning routing paths to agents or departments based on customer priority status, query type, or issue details.

Zoho vs. Zendesk – decent desk software solution with the same self-service options for a lower price

For example, they may not be able to understand complex customer inquiries or respond in a personalized manner. If you’re familiar with customer support terminology, Intercom’s usage of the term “ticket” might seem confusing. Usually, platforms use the term “conversation” in place of the word ticket, but Intercom has set things up a bit differently. Intercom’s customer interactions are still called conversations, but now, when an issue has proven to be too complex for an immediate resolution, agents can convert the conversation to a ticket. ProProfs offers incredible live chat features that help you offer 24×7 assistance and close more sales. You can leverage chatbots to handle basic customer queries and reduce the burden on your support team.

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Groove is another Zendesk alternative that is great for streamlining customer inquiry and support processes. Using this software, agents can provide customer support through Facebook, Twitter, email, phone, live chat, or text messages. Moreover, Groove allows multiple agents to work collectively on one support item as needed in real-time. Agents collaborating using Groove can do so using private internal means or customer-facing channels.

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There also isn’t a feature that will prevent two agents from replying to the same conversation simultaneously. While Intercom has collision detection, Help Scout’s implementation is more useful. Help Scout provides color-coded visual cues to let you know when someone is viewing or replying to a conversation. In addition, if you’re composing a response and someone else updates the conversation, Help Scout will hold your message until you’ve viewed the updates. This helps prevent customers from receiving duplicate or conflicting information.

zendesk vs intercom for customer support

Intercom has a dark mode that I think many people will appreciate, and I wouldn’t say it’s lacking in any way. But I like that Zendesk just feels slightly cleaner, has easy online/away toggling, more visual customer journey notes, and a handy widget for exploring the knowledge base on the metadialog.com fly. The customer messaging platform places focus on enabling companies to build genuine relationships with clients through each stage of the sales funnel. Delight your customers with a lighting-fast search and a powerful live chat widget to provide instant help on any your websites.

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However, some of Intercom’s features, like teams, are restricted to higher-tiered plans. Help Scout offers teams functionality on our Plus plan, and we also offer additional collaborative features like collision detection and the light user role. Its familiar, collaborative interface powers support teams of all sizes to treat customers like humans, not tickets. Managers can choose to automatically route tickets and agents can prioritize conversations that need immediate attention.


Does Zendesk integrate with Intercom?

The Zendesk Support app gives you access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk, and lets you create new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations.

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